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Brooklyn trio Colatura is the brainchild of Jennica (bass, vocals), Digo (guitar, vocals), and Meredith (guitar, synth, vocals). Their foot is in a number of indie genres, writing music that is sometimes dreamy, sometimes heavy, with pop-leaning melodies and post-punk atmospherics. With multiple lead vocalists, they have been called "Fleetwood Mac with Shoegaze Guitars," and the intermix of vocals, alongside jangly guitars and melodic bass lines, is the cornerstone of their signature sound.  Colatura has been featured as an emerging artist by The Deli and as a “band we like” by Oh My Rockness, who described their music as “surf jangle meets swirly melodic dreams meets a 50's sock hop meets some good old rock and roll.” They have played notable NYC venues such as Rough Trade, Baby’s All Right, Mercury Lounge and Elsewhere as well as house parties and DIY Brooklyn venues. In a review of a recent live show, Full Time Aesthetic said “the easiest way to describe Colatura is they’re like sunshine streaming out of an amplifier with its volume set at nine”.  On August 25th, Colatura dropped King Kalm, the lead single from their upcoming debut album, followed by The Met on October 8th and We Run On Empty on November 18. Their full album is due out in spring of 2022.

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"With varying styles which range from synthy post punk new wave to early 60’s girl group vibes, I would say the easiest way to describe Colatura is they’re like sunshine streaming out of an amplifier with its volume set at nine."


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“Featuring three lead singers (Jennica, Digo and Meredith) and maybe named after the Italian sauce, Brooklyn's Colatura make sparkling guitar pop, as can be heard on inviting new single "King Kalm."

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"Colatura was everything that I’d hoped for…the band was clearly stoked to be where they were, doing what they were doing…playing infectious jingle jangly, harmony laden, happy music. With three lead would wonder if there would be enough space in a set to flesh out each of their voices. Fortunately this never seemed to be an issue. Trading vocals back and forth throughout the evening like two grade school kids swapping baseball cards in the school yard, the band fit together like a glove, or maybe more like a mitten, taking five fingers (or in this case four musicians) and making them one."


(review of King Kalm release show)

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"Laminated with well wishes and reflected bites of reality, the latest from Colatura sits empathically at the feet of previous releases. The Brooklyn-based trio... have a charming flair for pairing the dreamiest productions to the most introspective narratives."


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"Drawing on a range of influences from '50s female-fronted outfits to Manchester post-punk and all manner of noisy things, Colatura sounds both of and out of its time, delivering music that seems to have always been"


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"With the jangliest of a dream-pop essence that flirts easily with Sunflower Bean / Wild Nothing comparisons, This NY based trio have produced consistent beauty in recent releases and this single is no exception."


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"This is what they call dynamics folks, King Kalm ebbs and flows through 3.39 of carefully constructed delicacy and genuinely ends far too soon. Little details like the undulating synth line picking out the melody, the cymbal accents and of course those harmonies, all three members dipping in and out like comforting angels at your shoulder."


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"Colatura is a good garage pop band from NYC. Think surf jangle meets swirly melodic dreams meets a 50's sock hop meets some good old rock and roll, yo"


(featured in "Bands We Like")

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"The Met is a mash-up of jangling sixties pop with a bit of shoegaze thrown in. Introspective and sad, but also damn catchy thanks to Meredith Lampe's sparkling lead vocals."


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"Excited to bring you today a premiere from New York indierockers Colatura, who’ve raised the DIY polymath artistry bar so flippin high by releasing not only a video, but also a game to go with the track! ... Fancypants tech skills aside, the song itself is the happiest, danciest song we’ve heard about a jumper since Ned’s. Hope to hear lots more from Colatura"


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"Their new tune “Lying” is everything you want from a summer day. It’s the essence of Colatura in two and a half minutes. Your ears are getting a hug, your mind is like “fuck yeah, these lyrics make sense to me,” and your heart is still caught on a Tinder fling from last summer because, nostalgia"


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