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Brooklyn trio Colatura is the brainchild of Jennica (bass, vocals), Digo (guitar, vocals), and Meredith (guitar, synth, vocals). Their foot is in a number of indie genres, writing music that is sometimes dreamy, sometimes heavy, with pop-leaning melodies and post-punk atmospherics. With multiple lead vocalists, they have been called "Fleetwood Mac with Shoegaze Guitars," and the intermix of vocals, alongside jangly guitars and melodic bass lines, is the cornerstone of their signature sound.  Colatura has been featured on Spotify's "All New Rock" editorial playlist and on Pandora's "AMP: Fresh Cuts" station, as well as by NYC-tastemaker Oh My Rockness as a "Band We Like". They have played notable NYC venues such as Rough Trade, Baby’s All Right, Mercury Lounge and Elsewhere and attended SXSW '22 as an Official Artist. In a review of a recent live show, Full Time Aesthetic said “the easiest way to describe Colatura is they’re like sunshine streaming out of an amplifier with its volume set at nine”.  Their debut full-length album 'And Then I'll Be Happy' was released April 22, 2022!

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kids like us
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we run on empty
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the met
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king kalm
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colatura - r u content (official music video)
colatura - r u content (official music video)
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Colatura - Kids Like Us (Official Music Video)
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Colatura - Scars (Official Music Video)
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Colatura - Team Sport (Official Music Video)
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Colatura - We Run On Empty (Official Music Video)
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Colatura - The Met (Official Music Video)
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Colatura - King Kalm (Official Music Video)
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Colatura - John Wayne (Official Lyric Video)
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"With varying styles which range from synthy post punk new wave to early 60’s girl group vibes, I would say the easiest way to describe Colatura is they’re like sunshine streaming out of an amplifier with its volume set at nine."


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“Sparkling guitar pop"


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“Team Sport is a dreamy, warm treat in the dead of winter.”

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"Drawing on a range of influences from '50s female-fronted outfits to Manchester post-punk and all manner of noisy things, Colatura sounds both of and out of its time, delivering music that seems to have always been"


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"Dream pop and surf guitars are one of those indelible combinations that have proved truly timeless, and 'Team Sport' is an instant reminder of why. The upbeat surf guitar, blissful washes of synths, and brilliant bursts of melody make for a decadent dream pop reverie, recalling classic influences like Cocteau Twins as well as contemporaries like Alvvays or Yumi Zouma."


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"Warm and vibrant indie-rock stunner"


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